#26 Blink

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I’ve just been reminded of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, which I haven’t read in a long time. Piers and I are staying in an Airbnb as we begin our European adventure for the next couple of months and this book just jumped out at me from the bookshelf.

This book really resonates with everything that I do and that I share with my clients, getting in alignment with your soul, your values, connected to your true desires, who your really be.

The idea of “blinking” is about learning to make instinctive decisions, to be able to trust yourself. Listen to the podcast for more.


About the author, Louise

Louise George is a certified transformational life and success coach, mBIT (multi brain integration) coach, author, speaker and screen actress.

After 8 years in and out of business, then burning out, Louise decided it was time to follow her heart and create the life she truly desired, with a business that enables her to work globally, follow her passions and help high-level clients to gain the clarity, connection and power to access and step into their full power.

In less than a year Louise created a six figure coaching business, while traveling the world and is now helping others to consciously create the success and fulfillment they dream of.

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