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#30 Clients? Money? Connection.

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When people come to me and say that they aren’t creating the level of clients and income that they desire, I can pretty much pinpoint it down to one thing… Connection. Connection is EVERYTHING! If, right now, you’re creating or growing your business, connection and relationships is where you should be focusing your energy. Having conversations and…

#29 Breakdown Before Breakthrough

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I want you to know that if you are at a plateau at the moment. If you are currently in a place where it feels like nothing’s working and running your business has become hard, you feel stuck… don’t stop, keep going, this is normal. For you to rise to your next level, things have…

#28 Dream It, See It

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It’s all make believe. Listen to this 5 minute motivator for visualisation and make your dreams your reality. Dream It, See It.

"Louise is gifted, intuitive, incredibly smart and clever while being kind and caring… A very old soul. Magic happens when you join forces with Louise George."

Trina Keane

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Hey, I'm Louise George

A transformational life and success coach, speaker, author and actor.

After careers in property, then advertising and running businesses in property management and fitness coaching... and then burning out, I decided it was time to follow my heart and create the life I truly desired, with a business that enables me to work globally, follow my passions and help high-level clients to gain the clarity, connection and power to access and step into their full power.